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What’s a good place to work at

No need to read all the Forbes rankings or to carry out a big benchmark on the best co-working spaces in town (ok this helped me a bit but that’s another story). Here are some features you should look for in your company + some very biased examples to illustrate my point.

The design
I like the offices that try to have something unique to differentiate their work spaces from others.
General Assembly in NYC has chalkboards in lieu of walls near their kitchen with quotes and portraits of the people they get inspired by (e.g. the actress of The Office)
The Hub Seattle had a “puits de lumiere” at its former coworking space with a growing tree under it that gave the impression to be rising to the sun.
Startup Weekend decided to paint its logo in the threshold.

The community
A work space is mostly defined by its community. The chalkboard example at General Assembly is one of the many ways to advertise the people that make up your community. SW displays baby pictures of its core team in the hallway whereas TechStars as an entire web page to proudly boast about its mentors (all tech rockstars).

The location
South Lake Union is the headquarters of the tech companies. TechStars, Amazon and SW are among the tenants of this industrial district.
Pioneer Square with all its art galleries is for the creative crowd. This is the reason why this is the new home of the Center for Impact and Innovation (Hub Seattle + BGI + SVP)

The mascot
Most of the offices are dog-friendly in Seattle. Some of those canidae are even featured on Twitter (e.g. Nelson the Frenchie of the KallesGroup). I prefer the funky “Where the wild things are” magnet on the Hub’s fridge or the Android cushion at SW.

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